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The Isfahan International Film Festival of Children and Young Adults was inaugurated with a message from President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Monday evening.

The 25th edition of the festival was opened in the presence of Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mohammad Hosseini and secretary of the festival Ahmad Mir-Alaii.
Then Imam Ali`s flag which was bring from Najaf e Ashraf was showing to audiences.
Hosseini next gave a short speech adding that the festival is being held simultaneously in several other provinces including Lorestan, Kerman, Zanjan, Semnan and Khuzestan.


He also talked about the influence of cinema on children and expressed hope that a cinematic organization would be established in which cinema of children would receive due attention.
The ceremony was followed by several different sections arranged for the opening.
Veteran Iranian dubbers active in the field of children’s productions were selected to be honored at the opening ceremony.
Naser Mamduh, Parviz Rabiei, Shokat Hojjat, Mahvash Afshari, and Rozita Yarahmadi were among the veterans who were honored.
Afterwards, a Golden Butterfly for best of film photography was handed to Javad Jalali for the film "Endless Dreams" by Puran Derakhshandeh.
Filmmaker Gholamreza Zamani and actor Jahanbakhsh Soltani were also called on stage to be honored.
Tributes were paid to actor Mohammad Kasebi and filmmaker and author Vahid Nikkhad-Azad.
The festival will be running until November 18 in Isfahan.

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