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World Children, Messengers of Peace

The members of the Selection Committee in International Children Film Festival were officially appointed. | Print |
The members of the Selection Committee in International Children Film Festival were officially appointed.
According to the report by the news staff of the 27th International Children Film Festival, through separate commands issued by Seyyed Ahmad Miralaie,  the secretary  of  ICFF, Vishka Asayesh (Actress), Amir Esfandiari (Head of FCF International Affairs), Bahram Azimi (Animation Director),  Ebrahim Forouzesh (Director) and Mohammad Hossein Niroumand (caricaturist and animation expert) were appointed as members of the Festival Selection Committee.

"Vishka Asayesh" was born in 1972 and graduated in the field of Costume Design and Stage Decoration. Movies such as "No Entry for Men" (No Men Allowed), "Passenger of Rey", The Witch" and the television series "Lost Innocence", "The Ladder of Heaven", "Mokhtarnameh", etc are the works in which Asayesh has played a role.

In 2010, She played in "No Entry for Men" (No Men Allowed), a movie directed by Rambod Javan and  appeared in the role of a principal in  girls' high school  and won the "Best Actress Prize" in the twenty-ninth Fajr International Film Festival.

"Amir Esfandiari," was born in Tehran in 1957, a graduate in Massachusetts Northwestern University in Business Administration. He started his collaboration with FCF as chief executive of Coproduction Department. His other activities include the management of International Affairs at Fajr International Film Festival and International Festival of Film and Video for Children and Young Adults, as well as managing Iranian Film Market. He has been a board member of CIFEJ since 2002 and also a member of Board of Directors of Asia-Pacific Film Festival since 2000.

"Bahram Azimi," born in 1966 and is a graduate of Tehran University in Art & Craft major. He received the second grade of art from the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance. Teaching in Iran House of Caricature since 1937 and teaching at art universities of Tehran, receiving 84 national and international awards in the fields of cartoon, caricature, animation, painting and illustration can be observed in his career profile.
Bahram Azimi by designing the characters of TV commercial teasers has created precious works of art. He dragged the experts' and cineasts' attentions as the producer of long-feature film, "Tehran, 1500" and in current Nowruz, this movie was highly welcomed by the audience. He also wrote the screenplay of cinematic movie "Al" and he demands to make his second animated film with the childish theme.

"Ebrahim Forouzesh" was born in 1939 and is a graduate in directing major from College of Dramatic Arts. He is well-known for his highly acclaimed film, THE JAR. Forouzesh began his career as producer in Kanoon Film Center in 1971, and then worked as the manager of the center for seven consecutive years. In 1973, his creative work was started with writing the script of an animation entitled "Black Bird", followed by several scripts for animations and short fictions. Forouzesh has also directed such acclaimed documentaries as "Dealers", "Report", "Arg-e Bam", "Palm" and "Beyond the Borders". His debut feature, "The Key", was awarded in Chicago Children Fim Festival, but with "The Jar", he received 13 prizes from Locarno, Sao Paulo, etc. He was one of the screenwriters of the film "Tales of Baazar" (by Abdollah Alimorad) and has directed several movies with the theme of children and adolescents such as "The Key"(1986), "The Jar" (1994), "The Little Man" (1998), "Children of Petroleum" (2001), "Hamoon and Darya" (2008), and "A Time To Love"(2008).   Forouzesh's movies have been appeared in many successful national and international film festivals including CIFEJ Lifetime Achievement Award and SIGNIS Interfaith Award.

"Mohammad Hossein Niroumand", born in 1964, is a BA graduate in Industrial Design from Tehran University. He is one of prominent Iranian caricaturist and cartoonists who has been working in various positions, including management of younger groups, network planning of Channel Two, Evaluation Council of Artists, Writers and Poets, Head of Supervision Center for Visual Arts, Advisor to Minister of Islamic Culture and Guidance ,etc.  Niroumand has also been productive in several publications of "Caricature Training and Instruction" and an illustrated comic book is a collection of his works published in 1987.

Niroumand has also received special Japan Award of YOMIURI SHIMBUN in 1945 and a Fine Visual Art in the field of animation in 1965 as well. He has held the positions of advisor to Animation Art director of IRIB (SABA) and has served as a member of the selection committee and jury at various artistic and cinematic festivals (including Fajr, Animation and The Holy Defense).

The Twenty-Seventh International Film Festival for Children and Young Adults (ICFF) will be held with Seyyed Ahmad Miralaie "as festival secretary in the sections of the International Competition, Competition of Iranian Cinema, and Script Competition from October.7th to 11th this year.
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