Mehdi Masoud Shahi,The Director Of 28th International Children Film Festival
According to assistance of communications and media affairs of Farabi Foundation ,Dr Hojat-Allah Ayoubi ,the head of Cinema Organisation appointed Mehdi Masoud Shahi as the director of 28th International Children Film Festival.
The text of this commandment as follows:
‘’Mr Mehdi Masoud Shahi ,in due attention to your commitment ,merits and long-term experiments in directorship of cultural and artistic spaces specially in children cinema and with the proposal from honourable managing director of Farabi Foundation,you are appointed as the director of 28th International Children Film Festival.
It is hoped that you success with exploitation from experienced and powerful forces to organize and perform this important event more than splendid than last years.’’
Mehdi Masoud Shahi born on 1950 in Ghasre Shirin and graduated of German language ,head of supervisiory council at Islamic Culture Ministry,
Founder and head of promotion center of, documentary and experimental cinema,founder and director of visual arts unit at artistic field,head of screening arts center at Islamic Culture Ministry,founder and managing director of Saba Cultural and Artistic Company connected to Seda va Sima,
founder and first managing director of Roudaki Foundation,advisor of assistance of visual and audial cinema affairs at Culture Ministry and finally he was director of 28th and 29th  International Fajr Film Festivals.
Now he is superior advisor and locumtenens of the managing director of Farabi Foundation. 

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