54 Countries At 28th International Children Film Festival
More than 300 films from 54 countries of  the world have been arrived to the secretariate of the international children film festival,
According to the news staff of the international children film festival,at this festival recalling more than 300 films have been sent to the secretariate of the festival.The board of selection at international section consist of:
Feryal Behzad(filmmaker),Rasool Sadre Ameli(filmmaker),
Mohammad Ali Safoora(filmmaker),Dr. Javad Hatami and
Amir Esfandyari that from the early of last week have begun assessment and reviewing of those works.
The following are those countries that have presented their requests to attend at children film festival:
Argentina,Austeria,Belarus,Belgium,Netherlands,Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Germany,Croatia,Brazil,France,Borkina Faso,Canada,South Korea,Hungary,
Singapore,Indonesia,South Africa,Moghulistan,Swiss,Taiwan,Thailand,
Terkey,England,Hong Kong,Butan,China,Australia,Uonan,Saudi Arabia,
28th International Children Film Festival will be performed from 3 through 6 on October in Isfahan.

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