Text of The Statemen From 28th International Children Film Festival To Defend From Rights Of War Children
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Again Israel extortioner regime commits a crime in Palestine and has invasioned women and children savagely in the Gaza Strip and with its shamelessly actions has presented a wildly massacre show in front eyes of all the people of the world.
This year ,28th International Children Film Festival with aim innocence of children,while becoming ready to perform for  this important cultural and artistic event  in Isfahan historical city,thousands of children in Palestine, Syria,Iraq,Afghanistan and Nigeria…at the unfair war are killed savagely and again all the world has been astonished from inattention of international associations.
These innocent children became victims of these political disputes and their more evident right  means living right has been taken away from them .It seems that is not hoped to save them from the all injustices and oppressions and but it is time the world become cautious and sober  and slept consciences wake up.
The secretariat of international children film festival,this year with the slogan:
Red saplings”Don’t kill our classmates,”
Like the other philanthropy organizations and defenders of  children rights  to impress of performing a peace and security space in Palestine request to come to an end of these bloodshed and military conflicts of course with diplomatic and human methods,in the meantime condemning these beast crimes proclaimed their repulsion against wild actions of Zionist usurper regime and invite from artists , cuitural selected and all trades in cinema of Iran to administer justice.
Also it is expected from those international associations to pay their extort rights ,all the passages clear up so that in a secure and friendly space food,medicine and the other facilities are made available.

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