In retrospective of creator of "Pingu" review of works of "A Filmmaker" at international children film festival
At review section of works of "A Filmmaker" at international children film festival, a selection of "Pingu" cartoons directed by
Otmar Gutmann will be screened.

This representation is programmed with du attention to value and promote to pure concepts of innocent world of children about strengthening of family relations.
In account of communication assistance and media affair at international children film festival, Otmar Gutmann (producer, animator and director) was born at 1937 at Munstertal, Germany, he was founder of Pygos group.
Gutmann was awarded for creating memorable cartoons "Pingu" at bafta film academy in England.
The screenplay of this series has been written by Silvio Motzolla and "Trick Film Studio", animation film studio in Swiss was the production company of "Pingu".
"Pingu" is story of a penguin family living in south pole. In fact the characters of the "Pingu" are talking to each other with uncertain voices. These voices probably are inspired from real voices of penguin.
"Pingu" is a 5 year old  penguin very clever and playful. This animation character has ability to figure to every form and shape and every often is shouting with his loud_ speaker beak.
Popularity of" pingu" specially for children in Swiss persuaded the other countries in the world to show this beautiful series from their tv channels.
"Pingu" has been shown from channel 1 and Pooya In Iran broadcast.
Otmar Gutmann has died at the age of 56 in Swiss at 24 April 1993.

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