Animations of Children Film Festival were Introduced
The names of five Iranian animation films will be screened at 28th international children film festival were announced.
According to assistance of communications and media affairs of children film festival,the following consists of these five animations:

- Myth of Carpet City(director:Hamid Reza Hafezi,producer:Majid Shakeri from Semnan)
- The Little Soldiers(director:Kiyanoosh Dalvand,producer:Daryoush Dalvand)
- Fall(director:Mehdi Atash Jam,producer:Shahid Avini Cultural Institute)
- Mysterious City(director:Maziar Mohammadi Nejad,producer:Saba Center,Maziar Mohammadi Nejad)
- Molla Nasreddin’s Adventures(director:Jamal Rahmati,producer:Ali Moallem)

It is necessary to mentain  Myth Of  City Carpet ,The Little Soldiers and
Mysterious City also will be screened at international section of this festival.
28th International Children Film Festival will be performed from 3 through 6 on October in Isfahan.

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