The Best Children Films in the World
Telegraph newspaper critics introduced 10 works as the best of children films at the cinema history.
Account to news staff of children film festival and according to news agency cinema of Iran, the English language Telegraph newspaper introduced 10 works as the best children films at cinema history.
This list as follows:

- Emil and the Detectives
This film was made by Erich Costner at 1931.It is the story of A rural boy that his money is stolen at the train and he is prosecuting the thieves in the long way.

- Snow White and Seven Dwarfs
Walt Disney, the Hollywood company began its activities in animation work with this at 1937.

- The Wizard of OZ
This film is the production of Metro Goldwyn Mayer Company at 1939.

- Pinocchio
Walt Disney made this as its second animation at 1940, based on
“Adventures of Pinocchio” novel written by Carlo Collodi, Italian

- Dumbo
This animation in 64 minutes was made at 1941.

- Bambi
This animation 1942 production is the story of a gazelle that his mother is killed by a hunter and he, alone and sad, is wandering in the forest.

- The Mysterious Garden
This feature film directed by Fred Wilcox at 1949, is the best adaptation based on the novel with the same name , written by Francis Eliza Hudson Brant.

- Peter Pan
This animation is the Walt Disney production at 1953. The Company had made this animation based on a play with the same name written by
J.M. Barry.

- Red Balloon
This film was made at 1956 at the same year wined several awards among them an award at competition section of Cannes film festival and also the best screenplay Oscar award.

- 101 Spotted Dogs
Walt Disney Company made this animation at 1961, but then several television and cinema versions of it have been made by different filmmakers.

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